Have you ever wondered what
life really is all about? Have you
ever questioned if there is a
deeper kind of life than the one
you are living?
Most of us seldom ask these
questions when life is easy and
going our way. We are preoccupied
in enjoying ourselves with what we
have and we never bother to really
meditate about life’s meaning.
When everything is all well, we
have a tendency to focus on
pleasuring ourselves. We have a lot
to distract us from asking the big
questions in life, like “What is it all
These are where trials can help us.
Trials can be shock therapy to wake
us from our self-absorption. When
we are stripped of our pleasures
and distractions, we are forced to
look at life in a different way.
A rich person can fall to the trap
of Materialism. His life meaning
becomes accumulating objects
instead of loving people. Since he
has the money to fund his
materialism, he can continue to
distract himself and live a shallow
life till the end of his days.
Sometimes loosing his riches is the
best remedy for him.
For an addict to be sober he must
be cut off from his drugs. It is also
true with us. We also need to be
separated with the things that feed
our disordered desires to achieve
If a person thinks that life is all
about wealth, and he loses his
wealth, he is now forced to look
life differently. He is now forced to
learn to live life without his
precious wealth. Now he is
strained to move out from his
narrow world and live in the real
world. He now starts to search
life’s meaning beyond what he
always knew.
And those who seek shall find.
If you are experiencing trials
maybe God permitted it to wake
you up from your false view of
life. Maybe it is God’s way to bring
back sobriety in your life by
cutting of all your distractions.
Many great people have found
life’s meaning at their lowest point
in life, maybe you are one of them.
Don’t waste your trials. Use them
as opportunity to go deeper in life