Theoretically anyone can manage
their own social media. But
remember, what you post online
broadcasts to the world what type
of business you really are.
With this in mind, here are the top
five social media mistakes made by

1. No consistent : All
social networks give you ample
opportunity to personalise your
You can customise the background
and the text colour on Twitter; you
can add your logo and a banner on
Facebook; and even Linkedin
business pages have room for
branding – so make sure that ALL
of your accounts match your
company branding.

2. Look at me!: Too many
companies use social media to
broadcast to the world all about
This is harking back to ‘old school’
marketing methods – if you are not
giving value online people won’t

3. I must post five times a day!:
You may have been told that you
MUST update your social media ‘x’
times a day/week, or else… or else
Whilst I concur that you need to
maintain a regular online presence,
it is better to skip a few updates
than to post rubbish, so if you
don’t have anything worthwhile to
say, then don’t, take a break.

4. No cultural sensitivity: Don’t
post the exact same message on all
of your social media channels at
the same time. I know it makes life
easier for you, but it puts your
followers off. The people who use
Facebook want something different
to the people who use Linkedin –
make the messages be for them
rather than about you.

5. I can’t hear you!: If there’s one
take away from all of this, it has to
be respond! If someone takes the
time to ‘like’ or comment on your
Facebook, or RT you on Twitter,
reply to them!

Lorelei Gibb is Marketing Director