Forget about the numerous
Twitter accounts that
impersonate Mario Balotelli.
The trendy Milan forward now
exists on one of the world’s
leading social platforms.
The choice of his Twitter handle,
@FinallyMario, is believed to be a
response to all the Balotelli
parody accounts. Oddly, he has
not uploaded a profile picture to
replace the egg symbol in a
purple font.
At 14:50pm CET on Thursday, the
ex-Manchester City player
tweeted his first words with a
picture of himself smiling in a
car. In the early hours of Friday,
the photo counted 370 retweets
and was favourited by 237 users.
Balotelli, prolific in front of goal,
also racked up 188,000 Twitter
followers and counting in his first
15 hours – more than 12,000
users every hour.
Expect ‘Supermario’ to soon
establish himself as one of the
athletes with the widest  of
followers on this social network.
In typical fashion, the boy who
often gets caught in a mess lost
himself in the complexity of
“How do i use this???” he asked
DuceMayn who joked that he
would “try to guide Mario before
he gets into trouble.”
The Twitter lessons appeared to
go smoothly. A few hours later,
Balotelli was interacting with
South American football stars
Neymar, Ronaldinho and Sergio
Aguero. His list of followings
includes Atletico Madrid’s
Radamel Falcao, Barcelona’s
Gerard Pique, former Chelsea
player Shaun Wright Phillips,
Manchester City’s Vincent
Kompany and Real Madrid’s Kaka.
Top celebrities such as Cristiano
Ronaldo are widely accused of
leaving their social accounts in
the hands of agents instead of
staying close and personal with
their fans. In Balotelli’s case,
there is no doubt that it is his
fingers that typed each of his
“I don t have instagram and i
don’t have Facebook so slap the
faces of the fakes! Ahahah,” the
22-year-old announced on Twitter
after sending out the following
strong message in English and
He then added: “Don t belive
anything u read unless is coming
from me guys ok? Non credete a
niente che leggete a meno che
non venga da me ragazzi ok?”
After multiple tweets and a
couple of minutes before
midnight local time, ‘Supermario’
felt exhausted and left his fans
with a fresh mobile picture of
himself dressed in a black top
with – strangely enough – a neat
Could that be a sign that Balotelli
is shaping up into a perfect young
man far away from controvesy