Chad Johnson has just been
released from jail in Florida for
slapping his attorney on the ass
last week — and get this … on his
way out, he called his judge a
“blessing in disguise” for throwing
him back in the slammer.
It’s pretty remarkable — Chad
says he’s THANKFUL for the time
he’s had in the pokey the last
week, telling reporters, “I had a
lot of time to reflect. A lot of
time to think about where I’ve
been, where I am now, and where
I’m going.”
But the craziest part … he says,
“A lot of people have tried to get
me to slow down in life. Coaches,
my agent, my lawyer. And there
was one person that was able to
do it. And that was my judge Ms.
He added, “Little does she know,
I love her to death. Basically what
she’s been is a blessing in
Which is crazy because practically
everyone else on the planet felt
like she overreacted big time.