Life for some is just a series of
daily routines.
For others, it is
seeking one thrill to the next.
And there are those who just
want to have fun in life like
there is no tomorrow.

Unfortunately, if you live life
like them, you will find yourself
drained in the end. Weariness
and the fading of your
intoxicating emotions will soon
over take you. You will either
give up out of fatigue, or seek
another emotional high like an
addict (and the vicious cycle
continues.) And it all leads to
one place, emptiness.

Like St. Peter we can all say “We
worked hard all last night and
didn’t catch a thing.” (Luke 5:5)
As much as we want to liven up
our lives, our efforts will always
be short-lived, for even we are
short-lived. Everything is passing
in this world, including us. So
every attempt to create our own
happiness, our own life, apart
from God, will always end in

“Unless the LORD builds the
house, its builders labor in
vain.” Psalm 127:1

So how do we live? I mean
really live?
For any creature to live, it needs
LIFE. Otherwise it is just a
zombie, walking around
aimlessly as life passes by.
Natural life is temporal and soon
dies. So we need a life that is
beyond natural, we need
supernatural life. Supernatural
life is always dynamic, it never
tires nor bores. Most importantly
it never gets empty

“But whoever drinks the water I
give him will never thirst.
Indeed, the water I give him will
become in him a spring of water
welling up to eternal life.” (John

So where do we find this
supernatural life? The life that
We shall not find it “where”, but
with “Whom.”

Jesus answered, “I am the way
and the truth and the life.” (John

Only Jesus can liven up our lives.
Only He can give us supernatural
joy and peace, and ultimate
meaning for our existence. For
Jesus Himself is Peace, Joy and
Life. To have Jesus live in us is to
have all of them.
Only Jesus can lift our natural
life to supernatural, our
temporal life to eternal.
Anything else will fall short.
Anything else will pass away.
If Jesus dwells in us, we have the
same dynamic power that
created the universe living in us.
Just imagine that!

You have not known what life is
until you have known Jesus.

So don’t waste it

Come to Him.