So what is hooking up anyway?
Hooking up typically means some
kind of casual sexual contact, up
to and including intercourse
itself. It is very “in” and rampant
in yuppiedom.
We live in a time where hooking
up is not scandalous anymore. As
long as you are both “consenting
adults” you can hook up. Even if
society has justified “using each
other”, the fact still remains that
a person has been used. And
people were never created to be
used, only to be loved.

To be used means that your
dignity has been lowered to an
object. Only objects are used. It
means that your partner or
yourself has disrespected the
dignity of the other. The other is
no longer a human being but an
object of my desire.

Speaking of such relationships,
Pope John Paul II said, “Deep
within yourself, listen to your
conscience which calls you to be
pure. . . . A home is not warmed
by the fire of pleasure which
burns quickly like a pile of
withered grass. Passing
encounters are only a caricature
of love; they injure hearts and
mock God’s plan.” In the long
run, no one benefits from these
kinds of relationships.

I read of one young husband who
said, “I would do anything,
anything, to forget the sexual
experiences I had before I met
my wife. . . . The pictures of the
past and the other women go
through my head, and it’s killing
any intimacy. The truth is, I
have been married to this
wonderful woman for eight years
and I have never been ‘alone’ in
the bedroom with her.”
When you “hook up” for fun,
physical intimacy begins to lose
its depth, greatness, sacredness,
and power to bond two people.

Sex creates a bond between
partners. That is how God
created it so husband and wife
will stay with each other. If you
are making having sex as casual
as a hand shake, you are like a
masking tape that has been stuck
from one skin to the next. Sooner
or later, the tape will lose its
bonding ability. So will you if
you go hooking up here and

“Often this is nothing more than
two people agreeing to use each
other for mutual gratification.
They receive the physical
pleasure of being held and the
emotional pleasure of being
desired, and they remain
together so long as they are a
source of pleasure for each
other. This is not far from
prostitution.” – Jason Evert

All of us desire to be loved. But
as long as we are treating each
other as objects, we will never be
satisfied. Only real love can
satisfy us. It is a love that is
patient and pure.

We were never created to be
used, only to be loved.

To “hook up” is to get hooked
down. And you deserve better.