I know we are only responsible for today, you could not know what tomorrow holds. But hey we can still make tomorrow worth waiting by making today abetter day. How?
Remember it all starts within us.. Here are someways to do that:

Always try to keep apositive mind
    This helps you make positive decisions even in those trying times..
I remember afew years ago, in those angry moments..   My attitude used to affect my day that I would end up  hating on everything  and everyone around me.. This would go on for sometime. But Until afriend of mind told me about it  because clearly sometimes I wouldn’t realise that I was bringing that attitude on even innocent people.
Long story short ever since I worked on that, I live better now and this has  strengthened my relationships with my friends and family. So this can happen for you too..

Learn to Forgive
    I know this can be hard. I understand that but remember you have nothing to loose if You give it atry. Like I said before, I used to keep grauges for sometime, Do you know what this comes with ?  Working yourself out everytime you see this person, being uncomfortable everytime they are in your company(sometimes that can be unavoidable)..
But when You learn to forgive  this takes away all that effort you keep putting to make that attitude, sad face.. Its not an easy thing  to  do sometimes I  get that.. But keep trying to learn how to forgive along the way you will see the benefits..

Learn to share
yes Learn to share with your friends. We all have friends Don’t we ? Like the saying goes “aproblem shared is half solved”
Sharing Helps you get relieved to some extent. Yes it does. If you can’t find asolution. Share  with another friend. I believe the solution can be found..  Like I have friends Who if one annoys  the other instead of keeping grauges we sit down and  speak our minds and the problem is sorted. You can get such friends too,  one of them is here sharing this with you ha ha.. but thats it learn to share with your friends  that even builds trust and strengthens your relationship..

Be honest..
This is not common , I know but like I said before trying out something for agood cause doesn’t cost you athing.  Be honest with yourself first then later with the people around you. Don’t I repeat Don’t act up your life. Be yourself and let people love you for who you are. This also builds trust.. Try it out the results won’t come with any regrets..

Have Respect others
This doesn’t make you any less human.  You want to be respected? Well the solution is simple have respect for others whether young or old. We all have something to learn from each other whether young or old.

Have love for one another. Love helps  break the walls that are usually built between us. So love love love even  when you think you can’t love anymore  Still love love more (Does that make sense? ) But you still get the picture I hope..

But before all this Put God first.


Markmpirirwe (facebook)