I know, dumb title. If we’re
sensitive, we’re sensitive. And it’s
not a bad thing, to be sensitive, it’s
what makes us compassionate
toward others.
But, as a sensitive person, I know
that it can get in the way
sometimes – when I’m over-
sensitive it can sour my day, cause
problems in my relationships, or
make me overreact to trivial stuff.
The good news is that there are
ways to rein in our sensitivity so
that it doesn’t get in our way:

1. Don’t take emotional
reactions at face value.
Are you mad, sad, or feeling guilty?
Sure, there are times when our
reactions are warranted, but often
as not, we aren’t reacting to our
current situation, we’re reacting to
our past. If our parents used guilt
to get us to do what they wanted,
chances are we default to feeling
guilty when we’re not doing what
others want us to do. If our folks
were overly controlling, we can
react to innocent suggestions from
others as if they were attempting
to tell us what to do.
When an emotion hits, take a
minute to explore your feelings.

2. Are your emotions familiar, do
they remind you of past situations?
Or do they seem connected to
something else that is bothering
you? By digging into what’s at the
root of our reactions we often
discover a completely different
issue, and then we’re able to
address what’s really bothering us.

3.Manage your reactions.

When you feel your emotions
becoming engaged, when you feel
that wave of anger, sadness or
guilt, take it as a signal that you
need to stop and regroup. That
“I’ve got to do something NOW!” is
a clear indicator that you’re in
reactive mode and you’re probably
not seeing the situation clearly.
Take a breath and let your feelings
settle before acting and chances
are you’ll avoid having to do
damage control later.

4.Understand that it’s not all
about you.
I had a friend in high school who,
every Term, proclaimed that
one or more of her teachers hated
her. Sure, a teacher might dislike a
student once in a while, but hate? I
suspect that what she interpreted
as hate was merely disinterest, they
didn’t pay enough attention to her
and she saw it as active dislike.
When we’re sensitive we often
interpret what’s going on around us
as being “about” us – someone is
grumpy and we wonder what we
did to make them mad. But in
reality most people aren’t thinking
about us, they’re engaged in their
own struggle, focusing on
themselves – the same as we are.
By shifting focus away from your
reaction and getting curious about
what the other person is feeling,
you will most often find that their
actions don’t have a thing to do
with you.

5.Protect your feelings.

Sensitive people tend to take on
the world’s problems – when we
watch the news we feel everyone’s
pain. Or our spouse is in a bad
mood and we’re upset for the rest
of the day. One of the simplest
things we can do is to be careful
about what we invite in to our
lives. I watch enough of the news
to be aware of what’s happening,
but when they start to delve into
gory or traumatic details, I move
on. I avoid TV dramas with too
much brutality, and shows that
play excessively on our emotions.
But what about our co-workers or
family members? We can’t switch
them off like a TV! The trick here is
to, yep, not make it about you.
Your husband is cranky because
he’s having trouble at work? As
much as you love him, it’s his
problem, not yours, and you don’t
have to fix it, or him. By not taking
on other’s problems we’re better
able to help them and still enjoy
our own lives.
* * *
Being sensitive is a wonderful
thing, except when it’s not. There’s
a fine line between empathy and
taking on other’s issues and for a
sensitive person it can be hard to
keep a balance between the two.

A great rule of thumb is to ask
ourselves “Is this about me, or is it
about someone else?” If it’s about
us, then by all means, we should
get in there and do what needs to
be done. But if it’s about someone
else then our role should be a
supporting one, we can help, we
can provide a sympathetic ear, we
can contribute money or help raise
awareness, but we don’t need to
take on the pain and emotional
baggage that belongs to others

Elliot.  M


Mario Balotelli Finally joins twitter.. (@finallymario)

Forget about the numerous
Twitter accounts that
impersonate Mario Balotelli.
The trendy Milan forward now
exists on one of the world’s
leading social platforms.
The choice of his Twitter handle,
@FinallyMario, is believed to be a
response to all the Balotelli
parody accounts. Oddly, he has
not uploaded a profile picture to
replace the egg symbol in a
purple font.
At 14:50pm CET on Thursday, the
ex-Manchester City player
tweeted his first words with a
picture of himself smiling in a
car. In the early hours of Friday,
the photo counted 370 retweets
and was favourited by 237 users.
Balotelli, prolific in front of goal,
also racked up 188,000 Twitter
followers and counting in his first
15 hours – more than 12,000
users every hour.
Expect ‘Supermario’ to soon
establish himself as one of the
athletes with the widest  of
followers on this social network.
In typical fashion, the boy who
often gets caught in a mess lost
himself in the complexity of
“How do i use this???” he asked
DuceMayn who joked that he
would “try to guide Mario before
he gets into trouble.”
The Twitter lessons appeared to
go smoothly. A few hours later,
Balotelli was interacting with
South American football stars
Neymar, Ronaldinho and Sergio
Aguero. His list of followings
includes Atletico Madrid’s
Radamel Falcao, Barcelona’s
Gerard Pique, former Chelsea
player Shaun Wright Phillips,
Manchester City’s Vincent
Kompany and Real Madrid’s Kaka.
Top celebrities such as Cristiano
Ronaldo are widely accused of
leaving their social accounts in
the hands of agents instead of
staying close and personal with
their fans. In Balotelli’s case,
there is no doubt that it is his
fingers that typed each of his
“I don t have instagram and i
don’t have Facebook so slap the
faces of the fakes! Ahahah,” the
22-year-old announced on Twitter
after sending out the following
strong message in English and
He then added: “Don t belive
anything u read unless is coming
from me guys ok? Non credete a
niente che leggete a meno che
non venga da me ragazzi ok?”
After multiple tweets and a
couple of minutes before
midnight local time, ‘Supermario’
felt exhausted and left his fans
with a fresh mobile picture of
himself dressed in a black top
with – strangely enough – a neat
Could that be a sign that Balotelli
is shaping up into a perfect young
man far away from controvesy


“I have Played for Best and Worked with the Best” – Beckham.. As he reveals His reasons for retirement and More.

David Beckham has
revealed the reasons behind his
decision to retire from football,
insisting that he wants to be
remembered as a “hard-working
footballer” and is proud of his
achievements in the game.
The PSG midfielder announced on
Thursday that he would be calling
time on a sensational career that
has spanned two decades, and in
an interview with Sky Sports News
has insisted that he believes it is
the right time to bring the curtain

He said: “I think I’m ready [to
retire]. It’s a difficult decision. I
still feel I could play at the top
level and still have done for the
last six months but I always
secretly said to myself that I want
to go out at the top. If you’d said
to me eight months ago that I’d be
playing in the French League,
winning the French Cup, winning
the League, and finishing like this I
would’ve probably said ‘absolutely
no chance’. But I was given the
opportunity to come to PSG and I
just feel now is the time… I think!
“I love the game so much. I just
feel that, I don’t know, it’s the
right time. I believe it’s the right
time but I’ll always feel that I can
do more, that’s the problem.”

“Probably when Messi was running
past me in that home game! No, I
actually don’t know. I’ve been so
lucky throughout my career, I just
feel that the fact that the clubs I’ve
played for and the players I’ve
played with, won the trophies that
I’ve won… playing in the MLS last
year, winning the championship
there, and then coming to PSG and
winning the French League, I think
it’s a good way to go out.”

“I think it’s every athlete’s dream,
every footballer’s dream, to go out
on top form or winning a trophy.
It doesn’t happen that often but
I’ve been lucky. When I left United,
we won the league, when I left
Madrid we won the league. Leaving
the Galaxy; doing two years of
winning the championship there,
and now obviously coming here
and winning the league. It’s nice to
go out like that. I think people look
back and it’s written. It’s simple.
You’re leaving as a champion and I
think that’s why it’s the right

“I just want people to see me as a
hard-working footballer. Someone
who’s passionate about the game
and someone that, every time I
stepped on the pitch, I’ve given
everything that I have because
that’s how I feel going into games
and the end of my career. That’s
how I look back on it and hope
people will see me.
“I think over the years it’s been…
my life, my career, people have
obviously looked at certain other
things that have gone on
throughout my career and I think
sometimes that’s overshadowed
what I’ve achieved on the pitch and
as much as I say that doesn’t hurt
me, of course it does. At the end
of the day, I’m a footballer that’s
played for some of the biggest
clubs in the world, played with
some of the best players in the
world, played under some of the
biggest and best managers and
achieved almost everything in
“Of course it hurts when people,
not question it, but think about
other things. To come to the end of
my career now and look back and
say ‘I’ve achieved everything with
every club that I’ve played for,
played for my country 115 times,
been runner-up twice in the World
Player of the Year to two amazing
footballers’. I’m very proud of

Lorelei Gibb Highlights the Key ways of maintaining a Top Notch social Media Presence

Theoretically anyone can manage
their own social media. But
remember, what you post online
broadcasts to the world what type
of business you really are.
With this in mind, here are the top
five social media mistakes made by

1. No consistent : All
social networks give you ample
opportunity to personalise your
You can customise the background
and the text colour on Twitter; you
can add your logo and a banner on
Facebook; and even Linkedin
business pages have room for
branding – so make sure that ALL
of your accounts match your
company branding.

2. Look at me!: Too many
companies use social media to
broadcast to the world all about
This is harking back to ‘old school’
marketing methods – if you are not
giving value online people won’t

3. I must post five times a day!:
You may have been told that you
MUST update your social media ‘x’
times a day/week, or else… or else
Whilst I concur that you need to
maintain a regular online presence,
it is better to skip a few updates
than to post rubbish, so if you
don’t have anything worthwhile to
say, then don’t, take a break.

4. No cultural sensitivity: Don’t
post the exact same message on all
of your social media channels at
the same time. I know it makes life
easier for you, but it puts your
followers off. The people who use
Facebook want something different
to the people who use Linkedin –
make the messages be for them
rather than about you.

5. I can’t hear you!: If there’s one
take away from all of this, it has to
be respond! If someone takes the
time to ‘like’ or comment on your
Facebook, or RT you on Twitter,
reply to them!

Lorelei Gibb is Marketing Director

How To Create Happiness

By Marcus Merida

Happiness — I want it, you want it,
we all want it. Just the fact that
you’re reading seeking for those
nuggets of wisdom that will bring
us more peace, joy, and personal
After having owned a businesses
for about 10 years in the swimming
pool industry, a little over a year
ago I commenced a new quest in
life to satiate my need to teach and
help as many possible to achieve
their full potential. This is also why
I asked Peter if I could contribute a
guest post to The Change Blog. So
if you’re looking for ‘change’, if
you want more joy and fulfillment
out of life, here are 7 qualities
that, for me, have made all the
1. See the World in the Form of a
Whether you are looking to make
new friends, achieve success with a
client, or even raise your general
awareness—the skill of asking
questions has in many ways been
lost in our society. We’re so busy
to tell, tell, tell that we forget to
ask, ask, ask. And as we all know,
the only way to become a great
‘learner’ is to ask questions.
Questions resolve concerns.
Questions elevate personal
relationships. They also at times
force us to take a different
perspective and possibly stretch
ourselves to unchartered waters. So
learn to have an ‘ask first tell
second’ personality and I can
promise you the results will be
2. Give Specific Feedback/
We’ve all heard that learning to
give compliments to others has a
powerful impact on personal
relationships. But for those that
truly want to take compliments to
another level the key is to learn
specificity. For example, which
statement would you rather hear
from someone else?
I really enjoyed your blog article
I was blown away with the story
you shared in your blog article
about the time you……That story
very much resonated with me
and I’ve decided to take action
because of it!
See the difference? Both
statements expressed approval of a
blog article, yet the first statement
likely made the author smile a little
while the second brought about a
huge grin. This is the power of
specificity and is a critical key to
happiness, especially in dealing
with friends and loved ones.
3. Don’t Just Let Go of Your
Physical Health
I see it all the time. Guys and gals
(including many bloggers) attain
great monetary success in work but
all of the sudden they’re out of
shape, overweight, and struggling
with self-image. Knowing my busy
schedule as a business owner and
father of 4, a year ago I bought an
elliptical and put it in my basement
so that I wouldn’t have to include
‘going to the gym’ into my
extremely busy schedule. The
results? I’ve worked out 1 hour a
day since buying the machine,
never missing a workout, and I
weigh less now than I did in high
school. (and feel great too!)
4. Give Value to Others at Every
Wow has the internet been a
blessing in this area. Now, more
than ever, you and I can meet and
help people on a large-scale basis
because of the beauty of
technology. Some of the greatest
success I’ve been able to achieve in
these last year has come because of
stories, articles, and mentions I’ve
made praising other people and
companies. As Chris Brogan says,
we should mention (talk about)
other people 12 times to every 1
mention of ourselves if we really
want to give value and build
5. Smile Unrelenting
I know, I know, we’ve heard it
before: We should smile often .
But as the old saying goes,
‘common sense is often quite
uncommon.’ Seriously though, are
you the person in your group of
friends or workplace that is known
as ‘Mr. or Ms. Positive’ or are you
the person that everyone sees as
having a cloud over your head
24/7? I used to have a problem of
not smiling enough. For me, it
wasn’t that I was unhappy, it was
just that I have the tendency to
look serious when I’m focused on a
task. Since identifying this problem
(people kept telling me to lighten
up) I try to carry a smile with me
in all situations, and wow has this
made an incredible difference. So
smile often. Lighten up every room
you enter. Not only will you be
happier, but many will file in line
with you as well.
6. Stop Trying to Find Your
Let me be the first to say that I’m
all about ‘finding your passion’. But
the problem with most people is
that they get so wrapped up in
‘finding themselves’ or ‘finding
their passion’ that they forget how
this discovery is actually made: By
Living Passionately . In other
words, if you want to find out
where your true passions lie, stop
looking and simply start living
everything you do throughout the
day with passion and zeal. By so
doing, self-discovery will come
naturally and easily.
7. Surround Yourself with
I simply can’t stress this one
enough. Everyone needs a mentor.
And we certainly all need great
friends. I would be a completely
different person and be on a
completely different path than I’m
on today had I not had people and
friends in my life that helped
correct my course when I got off
track. I’ve learned over the years
that it’s important that we not only
find these friends but we learn to
depend and lean on them when
necessary. As others lift us up, and
as we reciprocate this action, the
friendships we’ll form will truly be
So there are 7 keys to health and
happiness that have completely
changed my life over the past year.
But what about you? What are your
thoughts and what would you add
to the list? C’mon, let’s talk about

Ever Wondered if there is abetter life than the one your are living ?

Have you ever wondered what
life really is all about? Have you
ever questioned if there is a
deeper kind of life than the one
you are living?
Most of us seldom ask these
questions when life is easy and
going our way. We are preoccupied
in enjoying ourselves with what we
have and we never bother to really
meditate about life’s meaning.
When everything is all well, we
have a tendency to focus on
pleasuring ourselves. We have a lot
to distract us from asking the big
questions in life, like “What is it all
These are where trials can help us.
Trials can be shock therapy to wake
us from our self-absorption. When
we are stripped of our pleasures
and distractions, we are forced to
look at life in a different way.
A rich person can fall to the trap
of Materialism. His life meaning
becomes accumulating objects
instead of loving people. Since he
has the money to fund his
materialism, he can continue to
distract himself and live a shallow
life till the end of his days.
Sometimes loosing his riches is the
best remedy for him.
For an addict to be sober he must
be cut off from his drugs. It is also
true with us. We also need to be
separated with the things that feed
our disordered desires to achieve
If a person thinks that life is all
about wealth, and he loses his
wealth, he is now forced to look
life differently. He is now forced to
learn to live life without his
precious wealth. Now he is
strained to move out from his
narrow world and live in the real
world. He now starts to search
life’s meaning beyond what he
always knew.
And those who seek shall find.
If you are experiencing trials
maybe God permitted it to wake
you up from your false view of
life. Maybe it is God’s way to bring
back sobriety in your life by
cutting of all your distractions.
Many great people have found
life’s meaning at their lowest point
in life, maybe you are one of them.
Don’t waste your trials. Use them
as opportunity to go deeper in life

In What Kind of a Relationship Are You In? Give and Take or Give and Give?

We often hear that to be in a good
relationship there has to be a
“give and take” within the
partners. But I think sometimes
the “give and take” mentality can
get old quick because it has a
tendency to be selfish. I give so I
can take. Their giving becomes an
indirect egotism.
St Thomas Aquinas defines love as
to will the good of the other as
other. There is no hidden agenda
in real love…  So there you have it, You put these words into thought and You will see How it will work magic for you…….

“by M. Mark, Cynthia and Clarion “